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We love computers and everything that comes with them.
Whether it’s about Game PC’s, industrial strenght machines or custom stylish colored computers, you’ve come to the right place for solid advice, professional service and of course the best and most high-end computers. We’re a custom PC builder where everything is possible.

Everybody uses their computer differently, while most manufacturers only offer standardized machines. If you want more flexibility, it’s a good choice to let your new PC be custom build for you. This way, you have total control over what’s on the inside. It assures you that you new computer will be exactly made for what you use it for.

Are you a fanatic gamer? Do you do a lot of audio/video editing or do you need a PC that is truly silent?

Then a custom build PC is the right choice for you. You can tell us which parts you’d like to be on the inside, or just tell us your wishes and we will helpyou to create the perfect PC. We always make a custom proposal for free, completely fitted to your demands.

Statisfied? Then we convert that idea to your new dreammachine!

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